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Our Story

Country Fresh is a family owned business, with 3 generations working daily at the store. We are proud to be local to the area and consider ourselves to be community minded. Benton is a wonderful town with even better people and we've spent our time and now our resources, helping to make it a great place to live and to visit. The community is supportive, generous, and it's not uncommon for people to help one another on a daily basis. We believe that's why Benton is so special and why we're hoping that our store can help support & keep our small town thriving. ​Our goal at the store is pretty basic: provide Benton with all the fresh products they are looking for.  We have an in-store bakery, a full service deli, a well stocked meat department, and fresh produce that we take pride in. Need to pick up ingredients for family dinner? Running to grab something quick for lunch? Or Shopping for snacks for your camping trip? We have what you need without having to travel miles to a large corporate store.  And our team here is next to none. They are always willing to help you find what you need and they do it with a smile. ​If you're visiting the area, please make sure to check out some of our local businesses and restaurants. We may be biased, but we believe they are some of the best! 

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